Dog training based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

Bespoke one to one dog training tailored to meet the needs of your dog and you

Is your dog misbehaving or a little out of control?
Does your dog pull on the lead? Jump up? Run off? Bark or lunge at people or other dogs?
Is your puppy not listening, biting, or difficult to train?

Accredited trainer Sanna offers a One to One dog training service; helping you train your dog and resolve problem behaviours, without punishment or intimidation.
Get a well-behaved, happy and obedient dog with training methods that are kind, fun and effective.

One to One Dog Training

If you want your dog to learn real life skills and good manners, these are often best taught in real life situations and environments.

Dog Walking- Walk&Train

If any aspect of walking your dog worries you or is difficult, I can help. I train and walk your dog at your home and in your local area.


Dog Training in Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Dog Dynamics provides professional, bespoke dog training in Stevenage and the surrounding area.

From puppies to rescue dogs, accredited trainer Sanna has several years experience dealing with many different breeds and dog training problems. Dog Dynamics has a range of services available, where the end goal always is a happy well behaved dog and happy owners!
Contact Me directly to discuss your requirements.
Dog training Stevenage

When you need your dog to learn real life skills and good manners, the One to One Dog Training service delivers great results- check out the Testimonials page to read feedback from happy owners.

Other services include Walk&Train: Dog Dynamics offer a unique dog walking service, ideal for busy owners, young puppies, or dogs who need some training or aren’t suited for group walks. On these walks or visits your dog is trained and walked individually, by a qualified professional. The training plan and games will be tailored to your dogs needs. Your dog gets trained, and you come home to a happy and fulfilled dog!

Have a question? Take a look at my Frequently Asked Questions page.

" Cadbury the Labradoodle"

Dog Dynamics has been brilliant for us, our family and certainly Cadbury, our dog. Sanna listened to all our needs, and what we hoped to achieve and tailoured our short course of sessions perfectly. In no time at all our Cadbury was amazingly well behaved, and we actually knew what we were doing!

" Rescue dog Bella"

The way Sanna interacted with Bella was amazing, but she also spent so much time building up my confidence so eventually I felt I could take part in Bella's training too. Gradually Bella & I were doing really well together.

" Barney the new puppy"

Sanna gave me all the tools needed to ensure a calm approach to a multiple dog household (I must be mad) and my adult dogs accepted the puppy happily. We moved on to training with Barney using positive reinforcement techniques. We did training both in the house/garden and walking.

" Lotties progress"

Mostly thank you to you Sanna for not making me feel useless and stupid. Your calm non-patronising manner made this all possible. You are so patient and dont force your opinions on people you are happy to discuss things through rather than order me and Lottie about.