As a dog trainer, I teach people and their dogs to work together and understand each other better.
I realise that dog ownership can sometimes be challenging or overwhelming, or maybe not quite what you had in mind… But with the right training, problem behaviours can usually be resolved or prevented.Dog trainer Stevenage

About me:

My name is Sanna, and I have been interested in dog training and behaviour ever since I got my first dog at age 11.
I entered a steep learning curve some years ago when I got my current dog- a Rottweiler x Old Tyme Bulldog who turned out to be rather challenging… He has taught me a huge amount, and continues to do so even now. He also makes me laugh every day!
I am an Accredited Dog Trainer with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), having been offered Full Membership after passing a thorough 2 day practical and theoretical assessment.
I am also a member of the PPG (Pet Professionals Guild) British Isles.

I do voluntary work with dogs in rescue, where I get to assist a very experienced Animal Behaviourist in training and rehabilitating dogs with behaviour problems.
I also volunteer as an Authorised Trainer on the Reactive Dogs (UK) Facebook group. This is a Facebook group with over 10,000 members that offers support and training/ behaviour advice to owners with dogs that react fearfully or aggressively to other dogs, people, noises or other stimuli. I am proud to be part of the small team of professional trainers authorised to give advice in this group.
I regularly attend courses and workshops to further develop my skills and knowledge.
I am currently studying for an OCN Level IV qualification in Canine Behaviour.
IMDT dog trainer Stevenage - Institute of Modern Dog Trainers




 What I do:

I train dogs (and owners) using scientific, force-free methods that work; and are fun for both you and your dog!
I don’t use methods or training tools that cause pain or fear, or otherwise intimidate your dog in order to ‘correct’ unwanted behaviour. I am committed to ethical and kind animal training, and bound by the IMDT Code of Ethics and the PPG Guiding Principles.
I am not yet qualified to work with complex behaviour problems, but if I can’t help you I will find someone who can.