A collection of comments and messages from those who I have helped:

Home dog training Herts

Cooper- ‘untrainable’, recall and basic training

Thank you so much for all the fantastic information! You have been so professional and really helpful.
I have been very good at recall training and giving him delicious treats (cheese too!)
I did tonight try to use it when he wouldn’t come in from the garden at night. HE RAN IN !! I gave him praise and chicken!
Thank you, I will keep reading your notes and practicing.

~ Justine

Maddie- puppy training package

You (Sanna) have been amazing helping us with our new Jackapoo puppy called Maddie, she is almost 8mths old now and we have worked through a bespoke training plan and we are delighted with the results. Maddie has grown in to a confident and happy puppy, who will come back to us when we call her!

Jane and Dave 

Roxy and Benson- dog reactivity and introducing a new puppy

Sanna was great with helping us with Roxy and getting ready for our new puppy Benson. Sanna is very easy to talk to and explains everything very clearly with reasons why, an achievable action plan and the next steps. Thank you!

~ Janet

Sanna is one of the few trainers I’ve come across who can really interact with humans as well as dogs. Very refreshing and makes the sessions fun for you & your dog! Thank you!!

~ Gareth 

Reggie and Aida- training walks and behaviour modification

Sanna is absolutely brilliant with my two Cocker Spaniels.They love her and I have complete peace of mind knowing they are safe and having fun with her during walks, whilst both improving hugely on their individual training. Can not recommend enough! X

~ Charlee 

Milo- jumping up and recall

Sanna has been great in helping Milo with his greetings and recall. She is patient, dog-focused and highly professional. Milo is growing in confidence all the time. I feel equipped and confident to continue training with all of the great tips Sanna has given me. Highly recommend 😀

~ Louise

Archie- excessive barking and chasing cars

Absolutely the best decision to go to Sanna for help with Archie’s barking. We made some immediate changes which helped loads, learned so many things and now have a much wider view point to take his training further.

I look forward to seeing my babies both progress all thanks to Sanna!

~ Diana

Barney- newly adopted, no previous training

Just thought I’d give u a quick update on Barney! His impulse control with food is going from strength to strength! He will now sit & give paw 4 a treat!!
He has met more dogs on walks & meetings are more positive, he will sometimes see a dog and react but mostly we can pass other dogs without too much fuss! We also now have a walking buddy at weekends, which is working really well! Still things to work on (animals on telly, being dried with towel) but on the whole he has done fab!!
Thank you again for your time, help, hints and tips!

~ Jennie

Daisy and Riley- training walks and 1-2-1 training lessons

Absolutely great person Sanna is, listens carefully and understands each individuals needs.

Riley & Daisy love her too and love working with her.
Would highly recommend.
Sanna is always happy to answer any questions and is very helpful. We as a family have changed our ways slightly already and seen a huge difference. She trains us!
Calmer, happy dogs that are understood.  Still work in progress but it’s going great.

Look forward to every session. Thank you!

– Jenny and Dean

Sooki- pulling on lead and lunging at other dogs

Sanna explains things thoroughly and is never in a hurry to finish.

Her ideas and suggestions with regards to harnesses and food toys were ideal and I can now walk my dog happily.

– Karen

Ella- puppy training package

Once again, thank you so very much for coming at such short notice.
Our daughter Jessica really enjoyed it. She seems a lot calmer with Ella and already feels much more confident about dealing with her by herself. She says she can’t wait to do some more training.

She was really impressed and is very keen to do some more training, and – like Karen and myself already – can now see what Ella is capable of with the correct input!

Ella zonked out in the living room as soon as you left!! She slept solidly for a couple of hours. Result!!!!

~ Nigel

Rocky- hyperactive, jumping up and dog reactive

I just wanted to share with you that Rocky seems to have turned into a calmer dog!
The biggest difference we have noticed is with visitors. He used to be all over them and would not stop for at least half an hour, but now he is greeting them and wandering off. Lots of tail-wagging when they first arrive, and he is still jumping up but much less. I don’t really understand why- I can’t equate the small efforts we have been making to the massive difference in him!
Other dogs don’t seem to cause as much stress in him and we are managing outside encounters much more calmly. Overall we have a calmer dog, and the consistently lower stress levels mean he never gets over threshold, and he listens and responds a lot better than he used to.

Both dogs have got “Look” down to a T now.

Thank you for all your help and advice. You pointed us in the right direction and everything you said makes so much sense. Understanding more about the psychology has changed the way we think and approach situations. I think maybe you have trained us more than you have trained the dog haha!

~ Clare

Cadbury- recall and pulling on the lead

What can we say about Sanna and her amazing dog training? Admittedly it was us that needed the training – we already had a smart dog – it turns out!!

Dog Dynamics dog training has been brilliant for us, our family and certainly Cadbury, our dog. Sanna listened to all our needs, and what we hoped to achieve and tailoured our short course of sessions perfectly.
In no time at all our Cadbury was amazingly well behaved, and we actually knew what we were doing! Today we have taken our three year old, but only five weeks from rescue Cadbury on a long walk and at the end let her off the lead in a safe field and she returned to us immediately, every time she was asked.
She now walks close to us and is pulling less and less, she’s healthy and happy in every way.

Thanks also go to Dog Dynamics for all the help on diet, treats, food choices and accessories like leads and training aids.
We could not recommend Dog Dynamics and Sanna highly enough, she’s the best.

Thanks Sanna,

~ Michael and Katie xx

Lottie- fearful of dogs and strangers

Just a quick update on Lotties progress so far.

The transformation in her is unbelievable. I know i still have a long way to go with her yet but you have improved the quality of our family life so much.

Everyone knows it can be a huge gamble when you take on a rehome from a shelter as you never really know their full history but by the time we realised what a troubled dog Lottie was it was too late to change our minds we couldnt hand her back as we had fallen in love with her.
Our home life was becoming so stressful as she decided she needed to guard the house every second of the day and taking her out on walks was becoming more and more fretful as i never knew when she would get spooked or feel threatened by anyone else or another dog.

That is all mainly history now thanks to your amazing help.

I am able to take Lottie out walking without any major upset from her at all.

You taught me the art of distracting her when we were walking so that she was more interested in her treats than the threat of any other dogs or people that were about to walk past her. This has worked so well that I rarely need to treat her with food treats now just praise from me and an encouraging stroke normally do the trick.

I no longer worry about walking around a corner and meeting someone unexpectedly as this would spook her so much she would go into a mad frenzy and that would set the tone for the rest of the walk.

We have just had 3 trips to the seaside with her and she behaved so well. Lots of people walking past her and she wasnt interested really. She was so much more relaxed than our last trip before your work with her began.

I can not lie she does still guard the house and barks like mad but it is more controlled and we can get her to be quiet whilst we talk to people at the door. We now spend hours at a time round my mothers house with her two big ridgebacks and she is relatively settled there and very accepting of my parents and the dogs.

Mostly thank you to you Sanna for not making me feel useless and stupid. Your calm non-patronising manner made this all possible. You are so patient and dont force your opinions on people you are happy to discuss things through rather than order me and Lottie about.

I will be in touch soon for more training but in the meantime I will keep on going at it.

~ Denise

Barney- puppy training in multi-dog household

I wanted to make sure I introduced my new puppy Barney into my home with 2 adult dogs in the correct way. I approached Dog Dynamics Dog Training for guidance and she helped enormously. Sanna gave me all the tools needed to ensure a calm approach to a multiple dog household (I must be mad) and my adult dogs accepted the puppy happily. We moved on to training with Barney using positive reinforcement techniques. We did training both in the house/garden and walking.

Sanna works on a reward basis and it doesn’t take long for a puppy to realise how to play the game! I have contacted Sanna a few times with any questions I have or guidance I need and she is always happy to help. I highly recommend her.

~ Audra

Rescue dog Bella- pulling on the lead and unhappy alone

Sanna came to see Jon, me & our rescue dog Bella when I was feeling very low & incompetent at handling, training & caring for Bella. (I had been left feeling like this by another personal dog trainer.)

The way Sanna interacted with Bella was amazing, but she also spent so much time building up my confidence so eventually I felt I could take part in Bella’s training too. Gradually Bella & I were doing really well together. I really loved Sanna’s approach to our dog but just as importantly loved & appreciated the way she talked to me, without being the slightest bit patronising.

I feel without Sanna’s help Bella wouldn’t still be with us. Thank you for everything Sanna.

~ Trish

Home dog training Herts