Dog Dynamics offers one to one dog training and puppy training in Stevenage. I will help you resolve problem behaviours and teach you how to train your dog or puppy, with reliable and lasting results.

I use kind and modern methods that are proven to be effective and backed up by science. I do not use ‘corrections’, pain or intimidation. I help owners and dogs build great relationships, based on trust and communication. Training should be fun for both dog and owner!

Puppy training in Stevenage- Dog Dynamics

Why is reward-based training so good?

  • It is proven by science to achieve better, more reliable results
  • Works with ANY dog
  • It is fun for both dog and owner
  • Strengthens dog/ owner bond
  • Speeds up learning and is more effective
  • Builds trust
  • Motivates your dog to work with you
  • Encourages your dog to think and make good choices
  • Considers how dogs learn, what they want and need, and how they feel

Training Options:

One to One Dog Training

Weekly dog training classes are not always the best or most convenient option. If you want your dog to learn real life skills and good manners, these are often best taught in real life situations and environments.
I will help you train your puppy, existing dog or new rescue dog; based on your individual needs.


Walk&Train Dog Walking

My unique dog walking & training service is ideal for busy owners with young puppies, or adult dogs who need some training or aren’t suited for group walks. If you simply haven’t got time to train your dog, if you are away from home for extended periods of time or if any aspect of training or walking your dog is difficult, I can help.
Your dog gets trained, and you come home to a happy and fulfilled dog!

What others are saying

I am very proud of the work I have done with numerous dogs and their owners, feel free to see what their experience has been like using Dog Dynamics.


What is positive dog training?

Reward-based training (positive reinforcement) is the best and most effective way to train dogs.
Using rewards as a training tool enables us to make training and learning really motivating and fun for our dogs. Positive reinforcement can be anything your dog really likes.
Dogs learn quickly and reliably when they are taught this way. You get a dog who actively enjoys doing what you want!
And over time, behaviours that have been reinforced become strong, learned habits.

It is much more effective to teach our dogs exactly what we want them to do by making it rewarding for them to do so, instead of focusing on ‘correcting’ or punishing what we don’t want.

Isn’t positive dog training just bribery?

Absolutely not. The methods I use are kind, motivational and force-free; but not permissive.
It’s not just about treats and food rewards neither- a reward can be anything your dog really likes; such as play, sniffing, walks, affection etc.