Dog Dynamics offers a unique dog walking service in Stevenage. With the Walk&Train service your dog gets walked and trained by a professional dog trainer. Training and walks are tailored to what the individual dog needs, and what the owner wants.

Perfect for busy owners with young puppies, adult dogs who need some training, or dogs who simply aren’t suited for group walks. Your dog gets trained and exercised- and you come home to a happy, tired and fulfilled dog!dog walking Stevenage

I can help with:

  • Puppy visits
  • Puppy socialisation and training
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Recall problems
  • Attention/focus
  • Walking to heel
  • Dog reactivity- barking, lunging, growling at other dogs
  • Important obedience skills such as sit, wait, leave it, drop it and emergency stop
  • Distance control
  • Searches and Tracking
  • Trick training

If you simply haven’t got time to train your dog, or you are away from home for extended periods of time; let me take care of it. If any aspect of training or walking your dog yourself is difficult, I can help. Get your dog trained and walked individually, by a qualified dog trainer, short- or long term. The training plan and games will be tailored to your dogs needs. I also offer puppy training visits.

When you contact me we will schedule a time that suits you to meet at your home. We will decide on a training plan, based on what your dog needs and what you would like your dog to learn. You can of course watch the training or come along for the walks too! I will provide you with regular updates, detailing your dogs training and how you can progress.

The Walk&Train service is for one individual dog at the time, so I can work on specific needs and focus my attention on your dog only.
If you have multiple dogs and are interested in dog walking or training walks, I’d be happy to discuss your requirements- please just

With the Dog Dynamics Walk&Train service you get:

  • Effective training by a trusted professional, combined with a fun walk
  • Provides both physical exercise and mental stimulation for your dog
  • A professional trainer can teach your dog new behaviours more quickly and reliably
  • The early stages of training can be repetitive and time consuming, I can lay the foundation for you to build on
  • Your dog is trained and exercised for you; saving you time, energy and frustration
  • A tailor made training program for your dog
  • Come home to a tired and fulfilled dog
  • Is your dog reactive to other dogs? I can start a counter-conditioning and desensitisation protocol, and show you how to continue training on your own

Prices and options:

  • Initial consultation 20-30 mins- Free of charge
  • Training walk/ Puppy training visit 1 hour £25
  • Training walk/ Puppy training visit 30 mins £15
  • Daily walk/ visit (Mon-Fri) 5 x 1 hour £100
  • Daily walk/ visit (Mon-Fri) 5 x 30 min £60

Have you considered the One to One training option?
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